Mini Miglia Control Parts

To remove any doubt or ambiguity, here are the instructions for obtaining the control cones, ATBs and dampers you need to be eligible to race in the 2017 Mini Miglia Championship.

The Cones and the ATBs must and can only be obtained from the M7RC, and Mike Jackson. He will code and document the cones and ATBs you have ordered, take payment and ship.

For the dampers: If you already own a set of steel bodied single adjustable Ohlins then they can be modified to the control specification, this also includes a full service. Cost £150 + vat per damper.

If you do not, then you will nee to purchase a new pair of dampers from Aurok. These are available in two different lengths, long and short. Short dampers are designed to fit standard mounts while long dampers only need to be ordered if you’re currently using the Ohlins double adjustable dampers and do not wish to modify your mounts back to a standard length. The cost is £438 + vat per damper plus shipping. 

To order please Contact Aurok Engineering Ltd. By phone or by email.

Phone: 01264 861 137
Dampers can be return to the following address:
Unit 1 Dublin Barns Farm
Longparish Road
SP11 7JP

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