New camshaft ordering method

The Committee has decided to change the method for members to obtain the recognised camshafts for the Mini Se7en, Mini Se7en S class, Mini Miglia and Mini Miglia S class formulae.
Mike Jackson will now hold the club’s stock of camshafts and will bring enough of each to the circuits each round. To save the inconvenience of having to pack and post the items, it would be easier for Mike if competitors collected and paid for them at the circuit in person.

Cost of Mini Se7en and Mini Se7en S class camshaft - £145.00
Cost of Mini Miglia and Miglia S class camshafts - £165.00
UK P&P - £15

We're currently working on the webshop, so in the meantime, please contact for information, reservations or to pay for your camshafts.

Uncatergorised • 25th Sep, 16 •

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