Oulton park recap


At the Oulton Park Mini Festival, both Shayne Deegan and Ashley Davies edged closer to the Mini Miglia and Mini Se7en titles, after further wins to stretch their respective points leads.

Deegan was in command from the word go, securing pole position for both Miglia races and holding on to the lead to win the first race by a small margin over Sam Summerhayes and James Coulson

He then smashed the lap record in the second to win by a dominant margin from an on-form Summerhayes, with Rob Howard coming through to complete the podium after a coming together with Niven Burge off the line.

In the Se7ens, Davies fought out a terrific battle with Kane Astin (guesting in Paul Thompson’s car after his DNS in Miglias) to take the maxiumum points, with Graeme Davis leading the rest in third after a clash between Max Hunter and Lewis Selby eliminated both from the result.

In the second race, Davies led away from pole but would tumble down the order with a broken crankshaft, leaving Astin, Selby (new lap record) and Hunter to close out the top spots after another terrifically close encounter.

Josh Collins was the day’s leading S-Class to also extend his series lead.

Next stop on the 2016 calendar is Snetterton over the 10-11 September weekend, and at least one title may well be decided there!  

Round 11 - Miglia    
1    50    S Deegan        8 laps
2    85    S Summerhayes
3    47    J Coulson
4    23    R Deeth
5    53    Niv Burge
6    72    R Howard    

Round 11 – Se7en
1    3    A Davies        9 laps
2    12    K Astin
3    5    G Davis
4    37    G Hunt
5    9    S Wanstall
6    17    I Briscall

Round 12 – Miglia
1    50    S Deegan        8 laps
2    85    S Summerhayes
3    72    R Howard
4    55    M Green
5    53    Niv Burge
6    49    G Warburton
Lap record:        S Deegan        1:57.609 – 82.39 mph

Round 12 – Se7en
1    12    K Astin        9 laps
2    18    L Selby
3    46    M Hunter
4    10    C Budd
5    37    G Hunt
6    24    A Deviny
Lap record:        L Selby        2:09.730 – 74.69 mph    

Racing • 28th Aug, 16 •

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