Spa 2017?

As we have communicated, our intent as a club is to find an affordable way to return to Spa. By affordable, this means an entry fee of less than £500 for two thirty minute races and one thirty-minute qualifying session.

We need to start the planning this early as possible so to ensure that we give the other organisers in the UK the chance to take our Spa rounds into account when they plan their events, especially the Mini Festivals.

One thing we may need to consider is our compliance to the FIA safety regulations, to which the Belgians strictly follow.

From Oulton, Steve Prior reported that many cars are already compliant, the request then of other members is to look at these regulations and confirm back to Steve or your drivers rep, the degree to which these regulations would be a barrier or not to your entry to Spa for 2017.

Racing • 22nd Aug, 16 •

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