Owens and Spark Take Titles at Croft

Both Championships decided in North Yorkshire thriller

Endaf Owens is the new name on the Dunlop Mini Miglia Challenge trophy. The Welsh driver finally secured the title he nearly won in 2007 after a year long battle against his closest seven rivals by winning a closely fought Round 12 on Saturday at Croft, North Yorkshire and then followed it up on Sunday with another win after a race long battle with Kane Astin on Sunday to take eight wins and two seconds in the ten rounds that count towards the title.

"I'm very happy to finally win the Mini Miglia title," said a very happy Endaf Owens after celebrating on Saturday night. "It has been a good year, especially considering we didn't intend to do the full season, it just happened. When you look at the names on the Miglia trophy it is amazing to be ranked alongside the likes of Bill Sollis, Ian Curley and Peter Baldwin. It hasn't really sunk in yet."

Paul Spark had to wait until the final race of the year when he finished second in Saturday's race behind 2006 Champion Andrew Deviny meaning he had to finish in the top nine in Sunday's race to secure his second title in a row. Max Hunter and Andrew Deviny squabbled over the lead for most of the race until they collided on the final lap, promoting Paul Spark, who had fought his way up from 5th, into the lead to claim the 2011 Mini Se7en title with a win, his fifth of the year, ahead of James Coulson and Graeme Davis. Paul Spark becomes only the 7th driver since 1966 to win back-to-back Mini Se7en titles, the others being Bob Fox (66-67) Graham Wenham (75-76), Chris Gould (83-84), Chris Tyrell (86-87), Bill Sollis (90-91), Dave Braggins (99-2000) and Tim Sims (01-02-03).

"It was great to win the title with a win and it really feels great to win the Mini Se7en title again," said Paul Spark. "While winning the title in 2010 was good, this year is more satisfying because of the level of competition with Andrew (Deviny) and Max (Hunter) pushing all the way. I'm intending to come back next year and try and equal Tim Sims' three in a row."

Julian Affleck scored two wins in the S Class to bring his season tally to eight and secure his third Mini Se7en S Class title in a row.

"This has been a good year and to win three S Class titles in row feels very nice," said Julian Affleck. "Thruxton was probable my favourite meeting of the year because the differences between the Mini Se7en and the S Class is not as noticable there because we are on full throttle most of the time. To finish 5th overall there was good and shows that the S Class can fight with the Se7ens."

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Racing • 9th Sep, 11 •

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