Miglia gear ratio clarifications

Technical • 30th Mar, 2018 •

It has been brought to the attention of the M7RC and its Committee that there is an incorrect range of gear ratios for Mini Miglia in the current regulations. Therefore we have issued a technical bulletin to clarify the regulations and allows for gearsets already on the market.

Please see: http://mini7.co.uk/uploads/file/downloads/tech_bulletins/2018_bulletin-3_clarification-to-miglia-gear-ratios_final.pdf for further info.


Gareth Hunt new Technical Sub Committee leader

Technical • 18th Mar, 2018 •

Thank you to the 36 members who took the time to vote for the Technical Sub Committee Leader position, and an even bigger thank you to the three candidates who all received strong support.

Elected on the basis of securing the most votes, Gareth Hunt will now be your point of contact for the technical sub committee meetings, and the discussions therein.

Again, a very big thank you to Mark Wanstall, Kieren McDonald and Gareth Hunt for…


Pembrey extra test sessions

Racing • 13th Feb, 2018 •

Good news - such is the strength of our welcome at Pembrey, and knowing it is the first race of the year for the club, included in the entry fee will be four 20-minute free testing sessions.

There will be three on Friday afternoon and one on Saturday morning before qualifying. Plenty of time to get your 'eye in', and the car set-up for the first two rounds of the championship.

On both…


Fire extinguisher technical update

Racing • 13th Feb, 2018 •

Regulation (K)3 in the MSA Yearbook has been amended to require all fire extinguishers to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers' guidelines, or every 24 months, whichever is sooner. This regulation change was ratified by Motor Sports Council for 1 January 2018 implementation. Please see the regulation wording at the bottom of the page.

Unfortunately, there was an error in the rule changes notification sheet published in October 2017, which indicated an incorrect date of…


2018 driver line-up

Racing • 30th Jan, 2018 •

Early days yet obviously, but at the end of January numbers are looking very promising indeed. Here's a list of the drivers who've registered so far:

Mini Miglia

Colin Peacock
Paul Simmonds
Darren Moon
Dave Edgecombe
Kane Astin
Charlie Budd
Richard Smith
Robert Howard
Mark Sims
Lewis Selby
Kieren McDonald
Gordon Pocock
Peter Harries
Rupert Deeth
Aaron Smith
Peter Arnold
Alfie Brown
Jason Porter
Martin Wager
James Cuthbertson

Mini Libre

Rob Davis
Jonathan Lewis
Steve Jones
Ben Butler`


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