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27th Jan, 2016 ‑ Car Features 

Autosport International 2016

Imagine a large indoor Mini show, then quadruple it in size, add a live action arena and surround yourself with some of the world’s highest performance race and road cars – only then do you get an idea of the scale of this event. It’s absolutely massive!

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12th Jan, 2016 ‑ Car Features 

Ralph Budd's Se7en S Class build, part 2

Things have been very busy here... Maldons has cleaned all the paint off the shell, including the roof without any distortion, and the guys have finished it off in a green primer so that I can see what’s what...

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6th Jan, 2016 ‑ Car Features 

Vintage Mini Miglia racer to return in 2016

Three years ago Harrison Kirby made a 'barn find' discovery that most of us can only dream of. He’d found the sorry remnants of a 1968 Cooper S, except this was no original MkII...

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7th Dec, 2015 ‑ Car Features 

Ralph Budd's Se7en S Class build, part 1

Long-term Mini racer Ralph Budd is preparing a Mini Se7en S-Class for the 2016 season, and so we thought it the perfect opportunity to document the build right here on the site...