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1st Nov, 2017 ‑ Car Features 

Come racing with us - a basic guide

Want to join us on the grid for 2018? Of course you do! Here’s a basic guide to start your adventures with the Mini 7…

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13th Aug, 2017 ‑ Car Features 

Mid-season catch up

10 rounds down, from Castle Combe to Brands Hatch, so let’s take a look at how things are settling down in the Mini 7 Racing…

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28th Mar, 2017 ‑ Car Features 

2017 pre-season chat and predictions

With the 2017 season just around the corner, website editor and Facebooking videoing photoing chap Stephen makes some predictions ahead of the first rounds.

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5th Feb, 2017 ‑ Car Features 

2017 Rebuilds and updates

Thanks to Facebook we're kept informed of all things vital, from an old school friend's triumphant spaghetti bolognese to next door's cat, doing cat stuff.