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2017 Rebuilds and updates

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Thanks to Facebook we're kept informed of all things vital, from an old school friend's triumphant spaghetti bolognese to next door's cat, doing cat stuff.

In amongst the humdrum nonsense and political rants though, we've been cherrypicking some of the more exciting updates from Mini 7 racing Club members.

2017 is shaping up to be a stellar year of action and packed grids if this winter's social media pics are an indication. 

Here's just a small selection of cars builds, rebuilds and tweeks in progress, with not a Donald Trump meme in sight.

Colin Peacock's totally rebuilt Miglia is almost back in one piece at Mondo Sport and ready for a new colour scheme.

David Franks of the Fire Fighters Race Team has decided to join us in 2017 for the maiden Mini Libre championship. We're looking forward to seeing the finished and updated machine.

2016 certainly improved for Dom Burger towards the end. He's currently fitting a fresh new front end and looks to be working on new graphics ahead of the first round.

Meanwhile, Duncan Emmett has been installing a trick new Stack race dash in his Se7en.

Graeme Davis pulled his Se7en from the trailer last week - the first time since Zandvoort in October. Thankfully there's not a huge amount to do by the look of it. Maybe a new headlight surround!

Judging by the amount of cycling selfies, Big Mac Racing's Kieren McDonald is going all out this year on his fitness. With help from Selby Race Engines he's hoping to continue his 2016 pace. 

We spotted that Les from Custom Minis is working on a Cooper MPi shell, which we believe to be an all-new Mini Libre. There's also a KAD 16-valve Libre on the way from another driver, although it's apparently a secret for now. 

Lewis Fox says he hasn't had much chance to work on his Se7en, but he's got his hands full with customer rebuilds, including bodywork on Lewis Selby's car. Let's hope he can spend some time on his own before Easter Monday and make it out.

A well known car and famous name making a return to the club with Richard Wager's son Martin about to compete in the Miglias.

Endaf at Owens Fabrication has many projects on the go, including this new build...

...and Peter Arnold's refreshed Mini Miglia. It looks quite close to Rob Howard's colours, but not for long (see below).

Ralph Budd and the Pristine Condition team have been hard at work on Charlie Budd's Se7en, with some time also spent on Ralph's S-Class. It's getting there - hopefully he'll be back out in 2017.

And Rob Howard's Miglia, one of only three race winners in 2016, which is having an overhaul.

It's now sporting a new silver and blue livery. Tidy!

Sam Summerhayes' Miglia is also having a refresh with new graphics. Sam was a consistent front runner in 2016 and will no doubt be aiming for the front again with a list of regs changes planned to level out the field in 2017.

SMG from South Wales won two Se7en titles in 2016. Ashley Davies will be back to defend his title whilst Leon Ollie Window is aiming to build on an impressive novice season.

Back in Kent, Stuart Gilby has been at KAD for a new engine tune up. Stuart was our 'Win a Miglia' race weekend winner from 2016 and enjoyed the experience so much, he's building his own Se7en.

His car features an Owens Fabrication cage and is being assembled on his driveway. Fantastic!

Right, back to scrolling through funny cat videos...

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