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Five minutes with: Spencer Wanstall

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We took five minutes out with Mini Se7en driver Spencer Wanstall, for a brief insight into his racing career so far, plans for the future and some advice for newbie racers.                                                                             


Hi Spencer, so an obvious first question: When did you first start racing Minis?
I have been around them all my life, as my dad Mark has been in the club since I was born. I first started racing at 12 years old doing Junior Minis in Autograss, before starting Mini Se7ens when I turned 17.

Is that the youngest you can start racing with the M7C?
No I think you can start racing at 16 once you've passed the ARDS test.

What's the history of your car?
Dad built it around 12 years ago for Graham Edwards, a family friend. Graham raced it a few times but unfortunately became ill with cancer. When he sadly passed we bought it back and I am now using it, which seems fitting as I'm sure he would have liked to see it still racing.

Did you have to make any upgrades after 12 years, or was it good to go?
Rightline Motorsport made a few adjustments to the fabrication and there were a few tweaks to the engine from Peter Vickers and KAD. Then after a respray by Altered Image Coachworks it was good to go.

You've had some good results already - were you surprised how quickly you've been able to start competing up front?
I was pleasantly surprised yes. It's a bit of a shock to be racing with people who I have been idolising all my life. It's great fun and long may it continue.

Have you ever had a bad crash in a Mini?
In Autograss yes, I rolled over six times but somehow we were back out again 20 minutes later. The team managed to get it drivable again and I was back on track.

Do you fancy trying a Miglia?
I've been offered a go during testing with a few Rightline customers, however I don't think Dad would be too happy, as I think then I'd want one! For me the Se7ens offers great close racing and happy there for the time being. One day it might be cool to work up to racing a Miglia.

Do you think you can win the championship?
This year, no, I don't think it's my year, but going forward we're aiming for the front. Anything's possible. I've had four third places, most recently at Castle Combe. Combe's been the most successful track for me so far, then one at Zandvoort and one at Brands Hatch GP. I like the fast tracks the most, so places like Thruxton, Castle Combe and Donington.

What would you say to someone who's considering racing a Se7en?
Definitely go for it - come to the meetings and chat to as many people as you can. There's loads of friendly people willing to give help. My dad's just one example but he'll always help out with honest advice. The S Class is a great starter series, which makes it far cheaper than you might expect. Now the numbers are strong it's getting more attractive than ever.


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