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Five Minutes with: Matt Barrington

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Many of you will already know our official photographer Matt, but for those who've yet to meet him, we sat down for a quick chat and a cuppa at Brands Hatch so you can find out more.

In the first of our 'Five Minutes with' features, here's a quick interview with Matt accompanied by some of his favourite recent pics...

Hi Matt, so first question - how long have you been photographing the Mini 7 Racing Club?

I started in 2013 helping out with the social media side, trying to boost the exposure of the club on Facebook and Twitter. I was photographing as well, but not as much, just little bits for the social media sites. From 2014 I became the official photographer.

Do you have a history with Minis? Is that how you got into it?

I've grown up loving Minis and my grandad Keith raced in the Mini 7 Racing Club back in the '60s. He did pretty well from what I've been told. Then we had a road-going 998 Mini that was sat in the garage for over 10 years, moving house with us a couple of times, before doing a good amount of work on it and using as my first car when I was 17!


Have you ever considered racing yourself, or do you prefer to be trackside with the camera?

Oh I'd love to race! Taking photos is the next best to being part of it and up close to it really. If funds became available it's something I'd definitely consider.

Are you a full time photographer?

I'm not full time no, but I'd love to be! I think it's nice to just do the Minis and a couple of other bits now and again to break the year up. People always seem to enjoy taking the photos and the seeing racing more when they don't do it every day!

Are there any tips you can pass on to Mini 7 Racing fans trying to take a good pic?

Get as low as you can; that's always been a rule drilled into me when I was learning. The lower you get, the better the pictures are. I'm not saying don't take picture from higher up, but lower the better. 

Also try to use objects like kerbs and colour backgrounds to make your photos interesting – it's amazing how much cleaner a photo can look with a nicer background.

Also, it's nice to have a single car in a photo now and again, but group photos are the key to Mini racing. Five Minis all in a line coming towards you looks fantastic!

Is there a car colour that's makes particularly good photos? Or a Mini in particular that you like to photo?

Yes some cars are better to take photos of because of the colours – red or green seems to work really well for me. I like all the cars, and people put so much effort in that it would be unfair to choose just one.

What's the best part of being part of the M7C?

Apart from getting out there and taking the photos, the club is brilliant – the cars, the people, everything.

Being the other side of the fence seems quite dangerous. Have you had any near misses?

I've personally not had any that I think are near misses, although I've seen plenty whilst being trackside and have had gravel thrown at me. You're told to have your head about you when trackside and normally when you do, you won't encounter many near misses.

Finally, what's in your camera bag?

Canon 7D plus grip, Canon 6D, Canon 17-40mm, Canon 300mm F4 Prime, Canon 50mm 1.8, Canon 430exii flash.


To find out more about Matt's work see www.mbracephotography.co.uk or visit our official Mini 7 Racing Club Flickr album.

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