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Win a Mini Miglia race weekend for just £20!

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That's right, you could be in with the chance of winning a full race weekend in an Owens Motorsport/SBM Mini Miglia for just £20! To celebrate our 50th anniversary, here's news of an exciting new competition for 2016 in which someone will win a race seat in a brand new Mini Miglia.

Entry cost is £20 per 'ticket', four lucky finalists will be chosen at random after 30th April 2016 and have the chance to prove themselves in the car ahead of the Brands Hatch Mini Festival. The winner will be chosen not for outright speed, but safety and overall competance behind the wheel. Please see the full terms and conditions below for more information.

To enter online, simply send your £20 entry fee via Paypal to mini7racingclub@aol.com, along with the details listed in the entry form below. You can do this in the comments section when sending payment.

Otherwise, make sure to visit us at an event or race meeting before the deadline and complete a printed entry form in person. For the latest updates and build pics, keep an eye on the Owens Motorsport Facebook page.




About the Promotion: This promotion is being organised by SBM/Owens Motorsport, with the support of the Mini 7 Racing Club. The promotion is a “not for profit exercise” where the funds raised will cover the cost of the administration of the promotion, the test day, race entry, insurance and running costs over the weekend of July 16th & 17th. Any income generated over and above the costs will be donated to the M7RC’s choice of charities.
Who can enter: This promotion is open to any member of the public at a minimum of 18 years old. Individuals can purchase as many tickets as they wish. If you are selected for the test day, you will need to have a minimum of an MSA National B license. If you are not already in possession of an MSA license you will need to apply to the MSA and be ready for the test day which will be about a month before the Brands Mini Festival, we are available to guide you with regards to applying for your license should you not have one. At all times, MSA approved safety equipment must be used, which can either be purchased or loaned at no liability to the club or organisers.
How the winner will be selected: All entries will be individually placed in a bucket, and four “names” will be selected randomly. These four names will be contacted individually and will be invited to participate in the test day at a venue to be confirmed. If one name cannot attend, another name will be picked out. If the same name is picked out (multiple entries) then another name will be picked out to ensure that there are four individual drivers available to participate on the test day. If one of the selected names does not hold an MSA National B License, they will be required to obtain one by May 30th. In the event, that the MSA license is not obtained, a new name will be picked from the bucket, if that name does not have an MSA license, they will be put back in the bucket due to the timeframe and a new name selected until an MSA license holder is found. If they cannot attend the qualification test day, the process will repeat until four names have been finalised for the qualification test day. If your name is drawn out of the bucket and you cannot participate for any reason, there are no alternative prizes monetary or otherwise.
How the qualification test day works: Each of the four drivers will attend the test day and be introduced to the team and given a briefing about the car, you will then be invited to drive the car for a given a number of laps in the car with clear instructions. The selection of the winner from the four selected for the test day will be at the sole discretion of the organisers. The judgement criteria will NOT be speed or lap times alone, you will be notified of the final decision no later than one week after the test day. Should the “winner” decline to attend the race weekend then the organisers reserve the right to either pass the prize down, defer the prize to another event, or cancel the prize entirely, this decision will be solely down to the organisers.
Entrant’s Liabilities : You are expected to be fit and of reasonable weight, any medical conditions, physical conditions must be disclosed whether you have an MSA license at this stage or not, you are expected to behave in a manner that upholds the M7RC philosophy, no abuse physical or verbal will be tolerated in any form, you will be required to sign a testing/racing disclaimer failure to do so will mean you are prohibited from taking part. At all times whilst at the circuit or on the circuit you do so at your own risk the organisers will not make you race and you are under no financial or legal obligation to do so, the choice to drive the car is yours and yours alone. Should you wish to take out personal injury insurance that is your responsibility alone, the insurance the organisers take out is for car damage cover only. The successful winner will be expected to cover their own costs for attending the weekend and any accommodation/living costs, however all race car associated expense fuel/tyres is included within the prize.
Organiser’s rights: The stated intention of this promotion is to cover the costs of staging and delivering the promotion only, if there are excess funds, these will be donated to charity. The organisers retain the right to cancel the promotion at any point without liability, any decision made by the organisers is full and final there is no appeal process. If the organisers do cancel the event then a refund will be made to all entrants, however if for any reason the event is cancelled due to means out of the organiser’s control then refunds may be partial based on expenditure at that stage. The organisers retain the right to withdraw the prize up to and including the race weekend should the organisers feel the prize winner is not in an acceptable condition to race or in the opinion of the organisers a danger to him/herself or others.


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