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Ralph Budd's Se7en S Class build, part 1

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Long-term Mini racer Ralph Budd is preparing a Mini Se7en S-Class for the 2016 season, and so we thought it the perfect opportunity to document the build right here on the site.

So without further ado, in Ralph's words:

"The Mini 7 Racing Club is seeing an unprecedented resurgence in cars being built for the forthcoming season, be that Miglias, Se7ens and the entry-level Se7en S-Class. The Se7en S-Class has the potential to be a great class in its own right and a fantastic way for the would-be racer with a limited budget to get started in classic Mini racing.

This kick started a couple of the remaining brain cells in my head, and I thought 'I wonder how much it would cost to build a competitive S-Class car?'

So the S-Class build is now under way in my garage and I will make a valiant effort to keep you all informed of its progress and more importantly, how much it's all setting me back.

The first thing we required was a shell. Well, believe it or not there are still many affordable sources out there, such as MoT test failures, unfinished projects or converting cars from other formulas. We opted for the latter. 

My son Dan’s old MiniCross car had returned to the market and I got it for the sum of £1800 – not a cheap start you may think, however, this little gem was loaded with all the right bits.

It had a sound shell, an eligible Safety Devices rollcage, Corbeau seat, KAD rear anti-roll bar and camber brackets. There were also Cooper S discs and calipers, Minifin drums, a removable Curley carbon-fibre front end and a cracking 1275 engine, plus some other goodies that have currently slipped my mind.

It's all stripped down now and off to Malden Shot blasting to reveal the worst.

Keep you eyes peeled for the next up date where I will reveal my level of current debt..."

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