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The Best from the East

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The second Mini Festival East at Snetterton in Norfolk on 12-13 May provided a brace of victories apiece for Lee Deegan and Andrew Deviny in Miglia and Se7en respectively.


Following bright and dry morning qualifying on the longer 300 circuit, damp and overcast conditions marred Saturday afternoon’s shortened Miglia race, and once ahead of the spray behind, last season’s 0-Plate winner Lee Deegan (again in the orange Baldwin Motorsport car) was able to dictate the pace out front, leaving Kane Astin and Rupert Deeth to lead the chase.

Points leader coming to Norfolk, Aaron Smith had a day to forget, failing to set a time in qualifying and then dropping out with a popped driveshaft. Gary Warburton was the only survivor in the Libre class after the cars of Peter Hills and Peter Crewes were sadly wrecked in a collision at Agostini hairpin.

The Se7ens later race got underway on a drying track but some sections were still visibly low on grip. After poleman Darren Thomas spun out of contention at the first corner, it was three-time champion Andrew Deviny who eventually worked his way to the front ahead of Max Hunter and Joe Thompson, the latter dropping to fourth after clipping Dan Budd’s out-of-shape car as the quartet battled furiously for the lead.

Not far behind, Nick Croydon-Fowler had been leading the S-Class until a lumenition problem sidelined him, allowing Scott Kendall up into top spot, with next-in-class James Bull and Thorburn Astin heading a whole train – in all a record 11 cars for this meeting.

Sunday morning brought further spots of drizzle, but in the second Miglia race a cool breeze helped dry the track and allowed for a more entertaining encounter, with Lee Deegan and Rupert Deeth hammer and tongs throughout, and Dave Drew joining them both up front until collecting a backmarker, which allowed Alfie Brown and Charlie Budd past.

Up front, Deeth looked to have secured the win but last lap into the Esses he went off on what seemed to be dropped oil, Deegan then nipping through to take his second win by just 0.430s. From the back of the grid, Aaron Smith had a better day, climbing to a worthy sixth. Justin Cooper was the only Libre to get off the grid, holding on manfully to his wildly torque-steering twin-cam in an entertaining duel with the Miglia of Paul Simmonds.

The first hint of a blue sky appeared as the second Se7en race came to a close, during which time Andrew Deviny had made his second victory of the weekend look a whole lot easier than the day before. The rest were over 10s back down the road after 9 laps, led by Spencer Wanstall from Tom Sanderson and Darren Thomas.

Joe Thompson again challenged for a podium place but wisely pitted when the brake pedal went to the floor. Once again, Nick Croydon-Fowler looked on for S-Class honours, but a drop in pace saw James Bull reel him in for his second ever class victory, with Andy Dickinson getting the better of Thorburn Astin for third.

The latter also scored maximum Under-17 points toward the relaunched Graham Hill Trophy, joined in the category on this occasion by Morgan Lewis, daughter of former Se7en champion Jonathan Lewis. A five-minute slot on Friday evening’s BBC Look East gained great publicity for the local lass’ racing debut too.


A very encouraging 54 cars turned out for the weekend, which augers well for the next meeting at Thruxton in Hampshire over the 2-3 June weekend.




Race 1                        4 laps

1            0            Lee Deegan

2            11            Kane Aastin

3            23            Rupert Deeth

8            149            Gary Warburton (Libre)



Race 2                        9 laps

1            0            Lee Deegan

2            23            Rupert Deeth

3            81            Alfie Brown

14            616            Justin Cooper (Libre)



Race 1                         7 laps

1            77            Andrew Deviny

2            46            Max Hunter

3            47            Dan Budd

12            708            Scott Kendall (S-Class)



Race 2                         9 laps

1            77            Andrew Deviny

2            5            Spencer Wanstall

3            19            Tom Sanderson

5            723            James Bull (S-Class)



Words by: Richard Williamson

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