About the Mini 7 Racing Club

Since the first Formula Mini Se7en race at Brands Hatch in 1966, the Mini 7 Racing Club has always a favourite for race commentators and spectators a like.

The race cars offer excellent performance for money, challenging many of today’s more modern car formulas on overall pace. The Mini 7’s and Miglias are guaranteed to give you a large amount of overtaking, due to equally matched machinery but mainly to the rather un-aerodynamic body that always gives the car behind a straight line advantage.

Off the track, the Club has a very friendly atmosphere with willingness to help new members become acquainted with the “tricks of the trade” and where to get the best advice. Most drivers and supporters do stay at the circuit at the weekend races giving an ideal opportunity to discuss the racing. The cars are ideal for the engineering enthusiast as although the rules do strictly stipulate what can be modified on the car, they are specified so that development of the car can be achieved within a tight budget.

If you are interested in starting racing, the best advice is to come to a race and chat, then buy yourself an already built car as this is by far the most economic route.

Roll of Honour 1966 - 2019

Year Mini Se7en Mini Miglia
2018 Max Hunter Aaron Smith
2017 Charlie Budd Rupert Deeth
2016 Ashley Davies Shayne Deegan
2015 Paul Spark Kane Astin
2014 Andrew Deviny Rupert Deeth
2013 Andrew Deviny Peter Baldwin
2012 Paul Spark Peter Baldwin
2011 Paul Spark Endaf Owens
2010 Paul Spark Paul Thompson
2009 Kane Astin Andy Hack
2008 Paul Thompson Andy Hack
2007 Max Hunter Andy Hack
2006 Andrew Deviny Bill Sollis
2005 Paul Thompson Peter Baldwin
2004 James Hall Peter Baldwin
2003 Tim Sims Peter Baldwin
2002 Tim Sims Chris Lewis
2001 Tim Sims Peter Baldwin
2000 Dave Braggins Peter Baldwin
1999 Dave Braggins Ian Curley
1998 Matt Hayman Ian Curley
1997 Steve Bell Bill Sollis
1996 Phil Manser Stewart Drake
1995 Mike Jackson Chris Lewis
1994 Ian Curley Chris Lewis
1993 Tina Cooper Ian Gunn
1992 Mike Jackson Myk Cable
1991 Bill Sollis Myk Cable
1990 Bill Sollis Owen Hall
1989 Steve Cooper Myk Cable
1988 Malcolm Joyce Russell Grady
1987 Chris Tyrell Russell Grady
1986 Chris Tyrell Russell Grady
1985 Russell Grady Mike Fry
1984 Chris Gould Mike Fry
1983 Chris Gould Chris Lewis
1982 Gerald Dale Chris Lewis
1981 Gary Hall Chris Hampshire
1980 Jonathan Lewis Roland Nix
1979 Patrick Watts Phil Spurling
1978 Steve Hall Phil Spurling
1977 Martin Goodall Paul Gaymer
1976 Graham Wenham Mike Curnow
1975 Graham Wenham Alan Curnow
1974 Chris Tyrell Russell Dell
1973 Mick Moss Phil Spurling
1972 Reg Armstrong Mick Osborne
1971 Graham Wenham Len Brammer
1970 Len Brammer Mick Osborne
1969 Paul Gaymer -
1698 Mick Osborne -
1967 Bob Fox -
1966 Bob Fox -